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EVENT: Mission for melanomaWA – Skin Cancer Services

melanomaWA is a non profit organisation which raises awareness in the community for melanoma. They offer support to anyone living with the diagnosis, as well as those who are close to them. melanomaWA can connect you with services in Perth, and they run a range of fundraising events each year.

The next event on the calendar is Mission for melanomaWA, and to participate you just need to get active! From Friday 23rd August to Saturday 24th August 2019, this two day event is suitable for both walkers and riders.

Last year was seen as a success, and this is the fourth time the popular event will take place. The starting line is at Perth and you travel to Northam. The second trip is rich in scenery as it takes you via the Kep Track and the John Forrest National Park. On the way, participants will pay a visit to a range of different community groups and schools. This is designed to increase awareness and prevention of melanoma in the region. Sun safe behaviours and early diagnosis are key to reducing the risk of fatality caused by this potentially deadly skin cancer, which is why this type of promotion is so important.

For those who want to walk, you are already set to go! For cyclists you will need a mountain bike, cyclocross or any other bike with tyres that are a minimum of 32mm. Participants are asked to raise funds which will go towards future awareness initiatives and other supportive programs related to melanoma. 

melanomaWA have suggested the following fundraising goals. Both riders and walkers should aim for a $1000 target. The organisation does stipulate that this is a suggestion only, and if you cannot reach the full amount you will still be able to be involved. However, the minimum fundraising requirement is $250 to cover any support costs on the day.

So, what are you waiting for? This sounds like a great opportunity to get active, meet other members of the community, and raise awareness for melanoma. If you are interested in registering or donating for this event please contact melanomaWA directly. You can visit their website at 

When is the last time you thought about melanoma? This serious form of cancer causes 75% of skin cancer deaths in Australia and is often referred to as our national cancer. Continued awareness is one way we can all reduce the devastation caused by this potentially deadly disease. If you are concerned about your skin you may be wondering what to do next. We recommend you visit one of our clinics for a full skin and body check. Our experienced team can assess your skin for any abnormalities in a comfortable setting.

You can help to promote melanoma awareness in your own circle by encouraging your friends and family to book an appointment with you. Contact My Skin Centre today to take the first step. Check our blog regularly for more local skin cancer news and events in the Perth area!