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What is a Skin Biopsy?

During your skin check, the size, shape, and colour of your moles will be carefully inspected. If we note anything that looks suspicious, we may find it necessary to take further steps to get a closer look at the affected area. In order to determine if it is cancer, we may recommend a biopsy, which we will perform on the same day of your skin check. This will help us to better analyse the lesion closer to confirm if it is cancerous before following up with a treatment plan.

If a biopsy is necessary, the area surrounding the mole or freckle will be completely numbed. You’ll be given an injection of a local anesthetic, using a small needle. The doctor then removes a small section of the spot. In some cases, the doctor may find it best to remove the entire mole. A surgical scalpel is used to extract the skin tissue. This procedure is known as an excision. Depending on the size of the sample taken, you may require a few stitches to seal the wound. While the entire procedure is a bit uncomfortable, there is a little pain involved, and the wound takes about a week to heal.

The skin that is removed is then placed inside a sterile, sealed container until it is ready to be examined. This sample is then submitted to a licensed pathologist for further in-depth testing. Once this test is complete, we’ll notify you of the findings. If cancer is detected, we will advise of your next steps. Your treatment plan will depend on the type and stage of skin cancer you have been diagnosed with.

There are three main types of skin cancer: squamous cell, basal cell, and malignant melanoma. While malignant melanoma is the most life-threatening, early detection and treatment can increase the survival rate significantly. A professional examination is the only way to determine if your mole or freckle is harmless or not.

Why My Skin Centre?

My Skin Center is Perth’s highly rated skin check provider. Using the latest technology, our caring team of General Practitioners have particular interests in early detection and treatment. With Australia reportedly having one of the highest rates of melanoma, a yearly skin check is highly recommended. By scheduling your appointment today, you are one step closer to peace of mind. We’ll provide detailed answers to your questions, and ask you a few of our own.

My Skin Center has nine skin cancer clinics to serve you throughout Perth and the South West. Each of our locations is privately doctor-owned.  We encourage you to visit one of our modern and up-to-date practices. Our mission is to make sure that your skin check goes as smoothly and painlessly as possible.




Skin Cancer Services

Skin Check

The Skin check appointment will approximately take 15 minutes and is a thorough check of your whole body.


Dermoscopy refers to the examination of the skin using skin surface microscopy, trained doctors are able to use this tool to identify and diagnose skin cancer such as Melanoma.


On the day of your skin check if we find anything suspicious we may take a biopsy to ensure that the lesion is cancerous before treatment commences.

Mole Removal

Mole removal is only performed when it is clinically essential, or at the request of the patient if it is for cosmetic purposes.