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How to Make Sunscreen Work with Makeup

Many of us wear makeup to feel good about ourselves, and it goes a long way in covering up any skin imperfections. Unfortunately, wearing makeup can mean sacrificing adequate skin protection in favour of a flawless complexion.

Even when you choose to dress up your face, you can still protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Applying sunscreen with makeup just takes a little bit of thought and creativity!

Get the Right SPF

In Australia, our new standard for sunscreen is SPF50+ which filters 98% of UVB, while SPF30+ is the next best thing as it blocks out 96.7% of UVB. It used to be difficult to get this kind of coverage without leaving your skin feeling greasy, but as formulas have advanced it is now possible to get a facial sunscreen that doesn’t cause your makeup to melt.

If you are only expecting to be in the sun for a few minutes at a time, an SPF15 may be sufficient. However, for longer periods outdoors the higher SPF options are recommended. Remember, if you are spending time in the water you will need a water resistant sunscreen.

How to Apply Makeup with Sunscreen

For regular outdoor activity, choose a high SPF sunscreen, noting it needs to be reapplied every two hours. Apply your sunscreen to your face neck and ears, and make sure you choose a sunscreen designed for your skin type.

There are products which cater to sensitive skin, and the right sunscreen can actually work well as a primer for your final look. It may involve some trial and error, but opt for a brand which rubs into the skin and doesn’t leave a sticky layer. Allow your sunscreen to set before applying your regular foundation.

For days at the beach, instead choose a water resistant sunscreen.

How to Reapply Sunscreen

We all know sunscreen needs to be reapplied every two hours, but this can be tricky when makeup is thrown into the mix. Ideally, you should wash off your makeup and start fresh, but gently patting sunscreen over your makeup before retouching is another option.

There are loose powders containing SPF30+ sunscreen on the market which can be applied over the top of makeup. Look for lightweight mineral blends that provide chemical free, broad spectrum protection.

Try These Tips…

Instead of using a heavy foundation over your sunscreen, try a lighter BB cream with added SPF or use a powdered sunscreen. There are even coloured powder sunscreens, or tinted moisturisers with SPF which provide optimum sun protection while still offering various levels of coverage.

When it comes to protecting your skin, you can still achieve the look you want. Failing to wear sunscreen could lead to skin cancer and premature ageing, so it is worth investing in the right products.

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