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Skin Check Perth: Worried About A Mole?

Next time you shower, have a look in a mirror. How many moles do you see? Most people have between 10 and 40 moles, most of which appear before adulthood. Now take a closer look at each and see if you notice any irregularities. 

Moles are not always obvious, you may have to check hidden areas such as your hairline, between the toes and fingers, under your nails, and the soles of your feet. If you are worried about melanoma, visiting our skin check clinic is the first step. Let’s learn more about the key signs to watch out for:

When You Should Worry About A Mole

Moles may appear for a variety of reasons. Some are genetic and can’t be prevented. Others are caused by UV exposure from the sun, or previous solarium use. Then, there are moles which are hormone related, often changing or popping up during pregnancy. When checking your moles at home, it can be as simple as remembering the A B C D E of the alphabet:

  • Asymmetry: An uneven mole with the two halves not matching up.
  • Border: A mole which has blurry or rough edges.
  • Colour: A mole with multiple colours such as different shades of brown or white.
  • Diameter: A mole which is bigger than a pencil eraser.
  • Evolution: A mole which has changed or has recently appeared.

Your worrisome mole may have some, all, or none of these features but your A B C D E is a good place to start. 

Getting a Skin and Mole Check

If you have identified one or more moles which you are concerned about you should make an appointment at one of our Perth skin check clinics. Our experienced team can use a variety of methods to assess your skin and investigate anything unusual. We can detect issues long before they can be seen with the naked eye.

If melanoma is discovered, the quicker it is treated the better the outcome will be. Due to our climate and outdoor lifestyle Australians are at a high risk of skin cancer, and regular skin and mole checks are recommended.

How You Can Protect Yourself

In addition to visiting our skin check clinic, being sun safe can help to reduce your risk of skin cancer. Try to avoid the hottest part of the day, look for shade, and check the UV index before any outdoor activities. 

Always wear sunscreen, and get in the habit of covering up with a hat and long sleeves. Don’t forget your eyes and make sure you wear a pair of sunglasses. These measures won’t only be good for your skin, they will also slow down the signs of premature ageing.

When you visit one of our skin clinics in Perth you will be met with friendly, professional staff. Whether you only have one mole or multiples, we will take the time to rule out any type of skin cancer including melanoma. If you are worried about a mole, stop putting it off and call us today!