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Sun Protection Basics for Runners

Running has numerous benefits and is a way to increase your aerobic fitness, strengthen your muscles, boost your energy levels and reduce stress. This is an exercise which is popular due to its convenience, running is relatively inexpensive and can be done simply by opening your front door and venturing outside. No gym membership required. Even though many people choose to run outdoors, sun protection is something which often goes neglected.

Just as you would place importance on finding the right protection for your feet, remember to take the same care to protect your skin:

UV Protective Clothing

When you are running you want to be comfortable, and fortunately you can buy clothing which will give you freedom of movement while offering protection from the sun. Choosing the right outfit can help to block harmful UV rays and be resistant to sweat. It is recommended you choose material which is not see through, and some brands make activewear with long sleeves and legs which will still keep you cool. There is a reason Lycra is popular for athletes, as this material is more likely to have a high UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) while giving the flexibility required.

Sport Sunscreen

Sunscreen brands often have specific sports alternatives and they are generally better fit for the purpose of running than a traditional alternative. Choose a product which is sweat resistant and gives you both UVA and UVB protection. The formula you choose depends on your individual preference with sprays, lotions and roll on varieties available. Your sport sunscreen should offer a high SPF, be lightweight and long lasting. Take the time to re-apply sunscreen as required and combine with other sun protection measures.

Hats and Sunglasses

We would love to suggest a wide brimmed hat for sun protection, but understandably this may not be convenient for running. You need a hat which you will wear, and this will likely be a baseball cap style. Choose a hat which fits snugly on your head, and find a design which has UV protection and wicks away any moisture. If possible, choose a hat which includes coverage for your ears. Take care to protect your eyes, as exposure to the sun can cause sign significant damage including cataracts. Your sunglasses should be comfortable, well fitted and offer UV protection.

Low UV Index

Consider mixing up your running schedule by choosing a time of day which isn’t going to subject you to the full impact of the sun. Running early in the morning will give you a head start for the day, or running in the early evening will help you fall asleep more easily. To determine how much sun protection is required at any given time, download the free SunSmart app for an in depth look at your specific location.

Regular Skin Checks

Regular skin and mole checks are recommended for all Australians, and in particular those who spend significant time outdoors. To continue to enjoy the activities you love and have peace of mind that your skin is healthy, book an appointment with My Skin Centre. We have 9 convenient locations throughout Perth, and our staff are friendly and professional.