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Fake it instead!

Celebrities such as actress Amanda Seyfried and model Dita Von Teese have made pale, porcelain skin glamorous again. The trend towards embracing a more natural skin tone continues, and this has resulted in fair skinned beauties being more cautious in the sun. Combined with skin cancer education, this is enough reason for many Australians to practise sun safe protection.

However, there are those who still feel as though life is better with a tan. Having a golden glow can make you appear slimmer and disguise stretch marks and cellulite. If you are having trouble giving up your bronzed body, the sun is not the answer. Harmful UV rays can lead to skin cancer and premature ageing, and the risks outweigh the benefits.

Just Fake It!

There are alternative ways to get the tan you want, without putting your skin in danger, and this can only come from a bottle. Fake tan is available in a variety of formulas, and with some trial and error you will be able to master the application. A fake tan won’t protect your skin from UV rays and sunscreen is still essential when venturing outdoors.

Tanning this way only changes the colour of your skin on the outside, your melanin remains the same. Before using fake tan it is recommended you protect your knees, palms, elbows and ankles with moisturiser as these dry areas can quickly turn blotchy.

Types of Fake Tan

The type of tan you choose is a personal choice, here are a few options to get you started:

The Bronzer

Bronzers are temporary and give you an instant burst of bronze without any added commitment. Bronzers can be in a lotion form for your whole body or used as a powder for brushing over your cheeks and décolletage. Allow to dry before dressing, and when the night is over you can simply wash it off.

Another temporary option is the tinted moisturiser, and although many brands have inadequate SPF in this style of product, there are some which come in SPF 30, or even SPF 50.

The Lotion

Lotions can be tricky to apply as they often appear invisible on your skin during application. Tanning products can potentially dry out your skin, but a lotion will add a pop of colour while acting as a moisturiser.

Gradual tanning lotions are popular, as they are applied daily to subtly build up a tan to the level you desire. Use on towel dried skin after showering, in place of your regular body cream.

The Spray

Spray tans give an even, professional result and these can be done at a salon or there are DIY versions available. When visiting an expert, you will generally be supplied with disposable underwear and a shower cap. This is a good option for those big events, but you should do it a day or two beforehand.

If you are attempting this at home, protect the floor with covering and start with one coat. Spray tan generally has wash off bronzer included to ensure no spots are missed. As long as there are no bare patches, you will have an even tan! This is a safe option but try not to breathe in the mist and protect your eyes.

The Foam

Tanning foam is a fairly simple option as like a spray tan, it contains wash off bronzer to aid in application. There are now varieties which can be washed off in as little as an hour, but if you prefer you can leave to develop overnight for a deeper, darker tan.

The easiest way to apply tanning foam is with a specially designed mitt. You may need an extra set of hands to reach some areas of your back, but it is a skill which can easily be mastered.

Regardless of the type of fake tan you choose, be aware you may need to change your foundation to match. Remember the only way to safely tan your skin is to fake it. Sun protection measures should always be undertaken, and regular skin and mole checks are recommended.

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